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Italy complaints handling

Definition of a complaint

A written statement of dissatisfaction with an insurance undertaking, an insurance intermediary or an intermediary registered in the enclosed list relating to an insurance contract or service; inquiries, requests for clarifications, claims for damages or requests for the performance of the contract shall not be considered complaints.


Definition of a complainant

A person who is entitled to enforce the right to the handling of the complaint by the insurance undertaking, the insurance intermediary or the intermediary included in the enclosed list, such as the policyholder, the insured person, the beneficiary and the injured party.



A decision on your complaint will be provided to you, in writing, within forty-five (45) calendar days of the complaint being made.


External Dispute Resolution

Institute for Insurance Supervision (IVASS)
via del Quirinale 21
00187 Rome

Telephone no.: 800 486661 (from Italy)
Telephone no.: +39 06 42021 095 (from outside Italy)
Fax no.: +39 06 42133 206
Certified email (Italy only)

The IVASS website provides further information about how to refer your complaint to IVASS and a template letter that may be used. Please see the link below.