Claims with Lloyd’s Europe

The Lloyd’s Standard

Lloyd’s offers the best experience for our customers, with a claims service that has your interests at heart.

Lloyd’s Europe benefits from the expertise, security and oversight of the Lloyd’s market so policyholders can be confident that valid claims will always be paid.

Your claims journey

Loss occurs

Inform your broker

You’ll find your broker’s contact details on your insurance contract. Your broker will be your main contact and will keep you informed every step of the way.

Broker submits electronic claim

A claims expert will investigate your claim and decide whether any further information is required to make a decision.

Broker keeps you updated

Your broker or local claims handler will let you know:

  • how your claim is progressing and may ask for further details.
  • when Lloyd’s Europe has agreed and settled your claim and will pay you promptly.
  • answers to any questions you may have about the decisions made

Claim agreed and settled

Lloyd’s Europe makes it a priority to settle valid claims promptly and provide a positive claims experience for our customers.

Questions and answers

In the first instance you should check your insurance policy, as this will explain who to contact and provide their details. Ordinarily this will be your insurance broker and they will represent you throughout your claim and advise you where necessary.

Lloyd’s Europe works in partnership with your broker to support you and resolve your claim as quickly as possible. A team of experts will be ready to work directly with your broker to establish the details of your loss and the level of support you need.

If you bought your policy directly from an agent of Lloyd’s Europe, they will be able to assist you with how to make your claim.

Your broker will be your point of contact to keep you up-to-date with progress. In the majority of cases, your claim will be processed electronically. This means your broker will have instant access to the decision maker on your claim and will be able to keep you informed every step of the way. If, however you purchased your policy directly from a Lloyd’s Europe agent, your claims contact at the agent will keep you up-to-date with the progress of your claim.

Lloyd’s Europe works with a trusted network throughout the EU/EEA to settle claims as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lloyd’s Europe partners with some of the world’s most experienced and respected claims-adjustment firms, which are authorised to act directly on behalf of insurers in the Lloyd’s market. As specialists in their field, with detailed knowledge of local insurance and business sectors, they’re best placed to handle most claims.

To enable a fast, efficient claims payment, adjusters are often authorised to settle smaller claims directly with you.

There may be different professionals involved in your claim at different stages.


This is who you worked with to arrange your insurance cover. They will represent and advise you throughout the claim and Lloyd’s Europe claims handlers will work in partnership with them to support you and resolve your claim as quickly as possible.

Lead insurer

It is possible that there may be more than one insurer on your policy (see next question ‘What’s a subscription policy and how does it affect my claim’). Where this is the case, the lead insurer is one of the parties who insure your policy and will usually manage and agree your claim on behalf of all the other insurers.


These are parties usually based in your country which are authorised to accept insurance risks on behalf of Lloyd’s Europe. If you bought your policy through a coverholder, usually they will support you throughout your claim. Lloyd’s Europe provides coverholders with advance funds which usually enables fast claims payment without the need for prior approval.

Appointed experts

For some claims, other experts will be appointed to help manage your claim. These experts range from experienced loss adjusters to medical experts to specialist engineers, each chosen for their expertise in a particular field. They’re there to speed up the claim and deliver a fair outcome.

Loss adjusters

Lloyd’s engages with some of the world’s most experienced specialist loss adjusters, who are authorised to act on behalf of Lloyd’s Europe in the specific regions and business sectors.


There may be occasions when a lawyer is appointed to provide specialist legal advice. The lawyer’s role is to defend and negotiate legal liability on your behalf; for example, when a person has been injured or their property damaged. These lawyers are carefully selected based on their expertise and experience, and the nature of the claim.

A subscription policy is insurance taken out with multiple insurers who have each agreed to provide a proportion of your insurance cover. When Lloyd’s Europe provides insurance together with other insurers, there will usually only be one insurer, the lead insurer, that will decide a claim on behalf of the other insurers.

The claims standards set by the Lloyd’s Corporation are upheld globally by the Lloyd’s market, to ensure your experience of dealing with Lloyd’s Europe and representatives is positive, wherever you are in the world. Of course, there may be times when issues arise. If they do, we have robust measures and procedures in place for registering a complaint, to help resolve any issues. In the first instance you should consult your policy, which will clearly state the procedure for making a complaint, or you can contact your broker.

For further information on complaints, please visit our complaints page.