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Innovation at Lloyd’s Europe

Accelerating ideas and building societal resilience together

Fostering collaborative innovation

Innovation has always been at the heart of Lloyd’s and is a fundamental pillar of Lloyd’s Europe strategy. Lloyd’s Europe collaborates closely with the Lloyd’s Lab and Lloyd’s Futureset to explore insurance solutions to tackle Europe’s broadening protection gap and solve customer challenges.

Find out more about the Lloyd’s Lab, Lloyd’s Futureset and Lloyd’s Europe Innovation activity and events in the sections below.

Welcome to Lloyd's Lab

Lloyd’s innovation lab in the heart of the Lloyd’s Market in London

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Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 10

Take a look at the ‘Europe Digital & Climate Solutions

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Lloyd's Futurset

Building societal resilience through research, insight and education

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Innovation Team: Meet Lloyd’s Europe’s innovation champions

David Franco, Innovation Lead I Email:

Sytske Romijn, Innovation Ambassador I Email:

Julien Stas, Innovation Ambassador I Email:

Irene Balsamo, Innovation Ambassador I Email:

Rihab Haroun, Innovation Ambassador I Email:

Thought Leadership, Events and Collaborations

26 October 2023 | Lloyd's Europe - ILlCA event in Italy

The Lloyd's Lab and a selection of Alumni will attend and present at this annual event in Milan, organised by Lloyd's Europe in collaboration with the Association of Lloyd's Italian Coverholders

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9 August 2023 | Lloyd's Futureset - Rethinking semiconductor supply chains in Europe

In this article, David Franco, Lloyd’s Europe Head of Strategic Intelligence discusses the impact of the supply chain challenges faced by the semiconductor industry on business and insurers in Europe.

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6-7 July 2023 | The Lloyd's Europe Innovation Event - Insurance Innovation at the heart of Europe

An event to bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders from across Europe to drive innovation, insights and ideas on how to address the protection gaps in Europe.

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12 June 2023 | Insurance Innovators Forum in Munich - Unleashing a new era of insurance innovation.

Read an edited transcript of David Franco contribution to the Insurance Innovators Leaders’ Forum in Munich.

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8 March 2023 | ITC DIA Europe - Closing Europe’s Cyber and Climate Protection Gaps

Read the summary of the session on the landscape of the climate and cyber spaces led by Amélie Breitburd, Natalia Dorfman, CEO and Co-Founder at Kita, and Neta Rozy, CTO and Co-Founder at Parametrix

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30 January 2023 | Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 10 - Accelerating innovation in Europe

Webinar organised by the Lloyd's Lab team in collaboration with the Italian Insurtech Association to present the 10th Cohort to Italian practitioners.

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28 September 2022 | Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) Munich conference - Insuring Europe against unexpected events

An interview to Amélie Breitburd with key takeaways from her keynote speech on Lloyd's legacy, the evolving risks and the role of innovation in the insurance industry

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