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Lloyd’s broker MAG journey through business growth, acquisitions and ambitions

Elda Boccia

Managing Director of UK Branch of MAG

Lloyd's Europe in conversation with Elda Boccia, Managing Director, MAG Spa UK Branch

Elda Boccia is Managing Director of UK Branch of MAG, the first Italian broker to be registered as a Lloyd’s broker and joins Mark Cooper to discuss the journey that MAG has been on, growing its business, its acquisitions and ambitions as the first Italian independent broker. Elda details the opportunities (and some of the challenges!) that MAG have capitalised upon in Europe and how Lloyd’s Europe can support building resilience in Italy as well as across the continent.

Thank you to Elda and everyone at MAG and you can find out more about MAG London at

Being an independent broker means really to carry a story and the duty of an independent broker is to maintain the integrity of that story

Elda Boccia Managing Director of UK Branch of MAG