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Lloyd’s Europe hub

Our online resource on doing business via and with Lloyd’s Europe. Access information, tools and documents to help you place risk with Lloyd’s Europe.

Which managing agents have signed up to Lloyd's Europe?

Managing agents

AEGIS Managing Agency Limited
Allied World Managing Agency Limited
Antares Managing Agency Limited
Apollo Syndicate Management Limited
Arch Managing Agency Limited
Argenta Syndicate Management Limited
Argo Managing Agency Limited
Ark Syndicate Management Limited
Ascot Underwriting Limited
Aspen Managing Agency Limited
Asta Managing Agency Limited
Atrium Underwriters Limited
AXIS Managing Agency Limited
Cincinnati Global Underwriting Agency Limited
Beazley Furlonge Limited
Brit Syndicates Limited
Canopius Managing Agents Limited
Capita Managing Agency Limited
Catlin Underwriting Agencies Limited
Chaucer Syndicates Limited
Chubb Underwriting Agencies Limited
Coverys Managing Agency Limited
Endurance at Lloyd’s Limited
ERS Syndicate Management Limited
Faraday Underwriting Limited
Hamilton Managing Agency Limited
Hardy (Underwriting Agencies) Limited
HCC Underwriting Agency Ltd
Hiscox Syndicates Limited
Lancashire Syndicates Limited
Liberty Managing Agency Limited
Managing Agency Partners Limited
Markel Syndicate Management Limited
MS Amlin Underwriting Limited
Munich Re Syndicate Limited
Navigators Underwriting Agency Limited
Neon Underwriting Limited
Nephila Syndicate Management Limited
Newline Underwriting Management Limited
Premia Managing Agency Limited
QBE Underwriting Limited
RenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited
Riverstone Managing Agency Limited
S.A. Meacock & Company Limited
Sirius International Managing Agency Limited
Starr Managing Agents Limited
StarStone Underwriting Limited
Talbot Underwriting Ltd
The Channel Managing Agency Limited
Tokio Marine Kiln Syndicates Limited
Travelers Syndicate Management Limited
Vibe Syndicate Management Limited
W R Berkley Syndicate Management Limited

Which brokers have signed up to Lloyd's Europe?

EEA authorised brokers

All the firms listed have entered into a TOBA with Lloyd’s Europe on Lloyd’s Europe standard terms. Separate TOBAs have been adopted for firms authorised in the EEA and for firms authorised outside of the EEA (including the UK). A copy of the forms of the TOBA adopted for Lloyd’s Europe can be obtained on request by emailing  Note that Lloyd’s Europe has recently adopted an updated version of the TOBA for EEA authorised firms and during 2021 will roll out that new version to all EEA authorised brokers.  Those brokers that have already signed the updated EEA TOBA are shown with an “*”

Brokers who wish to place EEA risks with Lloyd’s Europe must first enter into a TOBA with Lloyd’s Europe. Please contact


Academy Plus Insurance Limited*
Acrisure Re Netherlands B.V.*
Advisio, zavarovalno posredovanje, d.o.o
AHJ Europe AS
All Seasons Underwriting Insurance Brokers Limited
Altitude Insurance Limited*
Ambris Europe Srl*
Amwins Global Risks B.V.*
Aon Belgium BV*
Aon Central and Eastern Europe*
Aon Reinsurance Iberia Correduría de Reaseguro S.A.U.*
Aon Reinsurance Italia S.p.A.
Arachas Corporate Brokers Limited
ARB Europe Limited*
Ardonagh Specialty Europe NV*
Arthur J Gallagher Sweden AB*
AssuredPartners SRL*
Aston Lark Europe Limited*
ATL Maritimo y Energia Correduria de Seguros y Reaseguros S.L.
Atlantic Wholesale Brokers Correduria de Seguros y Reaseguros, S.L.*-
AU Group – Assurance Universelle*
Ayax Suscripción de Riesgos
Bartlett & Co. GmbH*
BDB Europe SPRL*
Berry Palmer & Lyle SAS*
Besso Insurance Brokers European Services Limited*
BMS Mediacion Iberia Correduria de Seguros Y Reaseguros SLU
BRS International EU
Bureau Europeen D’Assurance Hospitaliere SAS
Celeritas Insurance Brokers S.R.L.
Channing Lucas Insurance Brokers (Cyprus) Ltd*
Chedid Europe Reinsurance Brokerage Limited
CJ Coleman Srl*
Cofarco SAS
Cooper Gay France SAS
CR International SRL*
CSInsurance Brokers Overseas Correduria de Seguros Sociedad Limitada*
Deukona Versicherungs-Vermittlungs-GmbH
EC3 Brokers Europe Ltd*
Ecclesia Versicherungsdienst GmbH
Edge Versicherungsmakler GmbH*
ES Risks Europe EPE*
Eyssautier Verlingue
Fidelitas United Broker
Fidentia Insurance Brokers (Ireland)
DAC FINCON Sp. z o. o.
G. Driessen Jr. Rijswijk B.V. (t/a Clear Risk Insurance Brokers)
Global Risk Partners Intermediary Limited* (trading as Lonmar Global Risks, Lonmart and Ropner Insurance Services)
Griffith and Armour Europe dac*
Guest Krieger Europe Srl*
Guy Carpenter & Company GmbH*
G&T Brokers Europe SRL*
Hispania Risk Broker Correduria de Seguros y Reaseguros S.A.
Howden Specialty Luxemburg SARL
HWI France (Trading as HWI Europe)*
H.W. Kaufman Group Europe B.V*
InnovAction Insurance & Wholesale Brokers Srl
Integral Insurance Broker GmbH
International Professional Risks Europe Sprl*
International Risk Solutions Insurance Broker (Europe) Ltd*
Iris Insurance Brokers France SAS*
Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd* (Cogent Resources Europe Cell part of Jatco Insurance Brokers PCC Ltd)
JK Broker Srl
JMM Insurance (Ireland) Limited*
Leadenhall Europe GmbH*
Lockton European Brokers Limited*
Lockton Insurance Brokers (Ireland)
London Re GmbH*
LPR Insurance Brokers Ltd *
MAG Spa*
Marsh Ireland Limited Brokers*
Marsh NV/SA*
Martens & Prahl International GmbH
MATRIX Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Single Member S.A.
Mayrit Insurance Broker
MDS – Corretor de Seguros S.A.
MGP McGill and Partners Ireland Limited*
MIB Insurance Services Ltd*
Miller Europe SPRL
MS Amlin Marine
Nasco France SAS*
Next Level Underwriting GmbH*
Nexus Europe Sarl
Nordic Forsakring & Riskhantering AB
Northern Lloyd GmbH
Nuytten Verzekeringen N.V.
O2 Broking ApS*
Oneglobal Insurance Broking Ltd
Optio Europe Ltd*
Optis Insurances Limited*
Parisco AS
Piiq SAS*
PSC Insurance (Europe) Ltd *
Renaissance Insurance Brokers Ltd
Ribe Salat Broker Correduria de Seguros Y Reaseguros, S.L. *
RIB Reinsurance International Brokers Spa
Rockville S.r.l.
Seascope Europe (SMPC)*
Shepherd Compello B.V.
SRIB Europa S.R.L.*
Strategica Insurance Management S.R.L.*
Suisscourtage SARL*
Tasker Brokers (Europe) GmbH*
Texel Europe B.V.B.A
The Underwriting Exchange (Ireland) Limited
TigerRisk Partners (Europe) BV*
Tysers Belgium NV
UIB Nordic AB*
UlysseRe SIA
Verspieren Global Markets
White Horse Administration Services Ltd* trading as CSP EU (2020)
Willis Towers Watson SA/NV
Xact European Solutions ApS *


UK authorised brokers

All the firms listed have entered into a TOBA with Lloyd’s Europe on Lloyd’s Europe standard terms. Separate TOBAs have been adopted for firms authorised in the EEA and for firms authorised outside of the EEA (including the UK). A copy of the forms of the TOBA adopted for Lloyd’s Europe can be obtained on request by emailing .


UK authorised brokers with Non-Risk Transfer TOBA

3 Dimensional Insurance Ltd
A&P Worlwide Solutions Limited
ACN Services London Ltd (t/a ACN Insurance Brokers London)
AFL Insurance Brokers Limited
Alwen Hough Johnson Ltd
Ambant Limited
Ambris LLP
Anglo Pacific Consultants (London) Ltd
AON UK Limited
Apex Insurance Services Ltd
ARB International Ltd
Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) Limited
Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited
Assured Partners London Limited
Aston Lark Limited
ATL Marine & Energy Ltd
Avid Insurance Services Limited
Bannerman Rendell Ltd
Bartlett & Company Ltd
Bay Risk Services
BDB Limited
Bell & Clements Limited
Bellwood Prestbury Limited
Berry Palmer & Lyle Limited
Besso Limited
Bishopsgate Insurance Brokers
Blackmore Borley Limited
Bluefriars Brokers Limited
BMS Group Ltd
Bretton Woods International Limited
Butcher Robinson & Staples International Limited
C J Coleman & Company Limited
Café IB Company Limited
Camberford Law Ltd
Capita Broker Services
CBC UK Limited
CGS 1089 / Crescent Global UK Ltd.
Challenge Group Brokers UK
Channing Lucas & Partners Ltd
Charles Taylor Broker Services Limited
Chesterfield Insurance Brokers Ltd
Circle Insurance Services Limited
Citynet Insurance Brokers Ltd (also trading as Cobra London Markets)
CKRe Limited
Clearwood International Limited
Cogent Resources Ltd
Collinson Insurance Brokers Ltd
Commercial Risks (UK) Ltd
Compass London Markets Ltd
Compass Underwriting Limited
Corrie Bauckham Batts Limited
Costero Brokers Ltd
Crispin Speers & Partners Ltd
CSInsurance Brokers Ltd
Darwin Clayton (UK) Limited
Dashwood Brewer & Phipps Ltd
Decus Insurance Brokers Limited
Delamain Ogilby Limited
Direct Insurance Group Plc
Dublon Insurance Brokers Limited
EBA Insurance Services Ltd
EC3 Brokers Ltd
Ed Broking LLP
Edge Brokers (London) Limited
ES Risk Limited
European Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Ltd
Exchequer Risk Management Ltd
Fidentia Insurance Brokers Ltd
G and T Brokers Limited
GCube Underwriting Limited
General & Medical Finance Ltd
Genesis Insurance Brokers Limited
Global Re Broking Solutions
Griffiths & Armour Global Risks Limited
Grimme Butcher Jones Limited
Guest Krieger Limited
H.W . Wood Limited
Harman Kemp North America Limited
Helodrium Ltd
Hera Indemnity Ltd
Howden Insurance Brokers Limited
Incepta Risk Management Limited
Independent Broking Solutions Limited
Insurance Marketing Limited
Insurtech MGA LTD
International Professional Risks Ltd
International Risk Solutions Ltd
Iris Insurance Brokers Limited
James Hallam Limited
Jelf Insurance Brokers Limited
JLT Speciality Ltd
JM Marketing Limited
K M Dastur & Company Limited
Kay International PLC
Kerry London Limited
La Playa Ltd
Lime Street Insurance Brokers Ltd
Lochain Patrick Insurance Brokers Limited
Lockton Companies LLP
Lockton Re LLP*
London Marine Insurance Services Ltd
Lonmar Global Risks Limited
Lonsdale Insurance Brokers Limited
Lothbury UK Ltd
Lucy A Raymond and Sons Limited
Mar Risk Services Limited
Marine Aviation & General (London) Limited
Marnix Europe Ltd
Marsh Limited
Mason Owen Financial Services Ltd
McGill and Partners Ltd
Medical Insurance Advisory Bureau Ltd (MIAB)
Meridian Risk Solutions Limited
Miles Smith Broking Ltd
Miller Insurance Services LLP
MNK Re Limited
MS Automotive (London) Limited
Nausch, Hogan & Murray (U.K.)
NBJ London Markets Ltd
NDI Insurance & Reinsurance Brokers Ltd
New Dawn Risk Group Limited
Oakeshott Insurance Consultants Ltd
Omnyy LLP
OneGlobal Broking Limited
Oxford Insurance Brokers Limited
Pantaenius UK Limited
Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd
PIIQ Risk Partners Limited
Pioneer Underwriting Limited (Pioneer Market Services)
Plum Underwriting Limited
Price Forbes and Partners Limited
Primassure Limited
Protean Risk Limited
Ramon International Insurance Brokers Limited
Reason Global Insurance Ltd
Requiem Limited
RFIB Group Limited
Riva Insurance Brokers Ltd
RKH Specialty Limited
Roanoke International Brokers LTD
Roberts Armytage & Partners Ltd
RSG Europe Service Centre Limited
Safeonline LLP
Sanctuary Insurance Brokers Limited
Seascope Insurance Services Limited
Senior Wright Ltd
Servca Ltd
Shepherd Compello Ltd.
Smith Bilbrough & Co.Ltd
Special Risks Insurance Brokers Ltd.
Staple Hall Underwriting Services Limited
Steadfast Group (UK) Limited
Tasker & Partners Limited
The Underwriting Exchange Ltd
Thompson Heath and Bond Limited
TigerRisks Partners Limited
Tysers Insurance Brokers Ltd
United Insurance Brokers Limited
W Denis Insurance Brokers Plc
W.T.Butler & Co. Limited
Walmer Partners LLP
Willis Limited
Worldwide Hole ‘N One Limited
Xact Risk Solutions Ltd


UK authorised brokers with Risk Transfer TOBA

Evolve Brokers Ltd
Leadenhall Underwriting Limited
Texel Finance Limited
SJL Worcester (SJL Insurance Services)


All UK authorised Brokers are required to cease placing business impacted by Recommendation 9 with effect from 1 October 2020 and have been asked to sign an addendum to their TOBA this effect. In a limited number of cases Lloyd’s Europe has agreed that the addendum should take effect from a later date as follows:

AON UK Limited – 31/12/2020
Apex Insurance Services Ltd – 31/12/2020
ARB International Ltd – 31/12/2020
Assured Partners London Limited – 15/12/2020
Bartlett & Company Ltd – 31/12/2020
Bay Risk Services – 31/12/2020
Besso Limited – 31/12/2020
Bretton Woods International Limited –  31/12/2020
Carroll & Partners Ltd – 31/12/2020
Crispin Speers and Partners Ltd – 31/12/2020
EC3 Brokers Ltd – 01/12/2020
Ed Broking LLP – 31/12/2020
Edge Brokers (London) Limited – 31/12/2020
ES Risk Limited – 01/12/2020
G and T Brokers – 01/12/2020
H. W. Wood Limited – 01/12/2020
Independent Broking Solutions Limited – 31/12/2020
Iris Insurance Brokers Ltd – 31/12/2020
Jelf Insurance Brokers Limited – 31/12/2020
JLT Speciality LTd  – 31/12/2020
Lochain Patrick Insurance Brokers Limited – 31/12/2020
Lockton Companies LLP – 01/12/2020
Mar Risk Services Ltd – 31/12/2020
Marsh Limited – 31/12/2020
McGill and Partners Ltd – 31/12/2020
Meridian Risk Solutions Limited – 31/12/2020
Miller Insurance Services LLP – 31/12/2020
New Dawn Risk Group Limited – 31/12/2020
Omnyy LLP  – 01/12/2020
Paragon International Insurance Brokers Ltd – 01/12/2020
PIIQ Risk Partners Limited – 31/12/2020
Primassure Limited – 31/12/2020
Safeonline LLP – 30/11/2020
Seascope Insurance Services Ltd – 31/12/2020
Staple Hall Underwriting Services Limited – 31/12/2020
Tasker & Partners Limited  – 23/11/2020
Texel Finance Limited  – 01/12/2020
TigerRisks Partners Limited 31/12/2020
United Insurance Brokers Limited – 31/12/2020
Willis Limited – 15/10/2020
Xact Risk Solutions – 31/12/2020

The TOBAs with the following brokers will terminate with effect from 31 December 2020:

Alsford Page & Gems Ltd
BMG Insurance Brokers Ltd
Carroll Insurance Group Limited
Carroll & Partners Ltd
Clear Insurance Management Limited
HISL Brokers Ltd (Heritage Insurance Solutions Limited)
Intrepid Insurance Brokers Ltd
Speedwell Insurance Brokers Limited
Wrightsure Services Limited

Secure content for the Lloyd’s market

This content requires access to Crystal, Lloyd’s international regulatory and taxation requirements database.

Find guidance on:

  • Lloyd’s Europe operational toolkits
  • Coverholder toolkit
  • Reinsurance and outsourcing agreements
  • Tacit renewal guidance
  • CAA template
  • Stamp guidance

Lloyd’s Europe brand guidelines

The Lloyd’s Europe brand guidelines help both coverholders and service companies use the correct branding and legal terminology when creating policy documents and marketing materials for products written on behalf of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. (“Lloyd’s Europe”).

The Lloyd’s brand is only for use by Lloyd’s market participants.  Policyholders, including reinsureds, may not make reference to the fact they have a Lloyd’s Europe policy for general self-promotional purposes. Please contact Lloyd’s Marketing ( for more information.

Lloyd’s Europe Solvency & Financial Condition Report 2020

This is the third Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for Lloyd’s Insurance Company SA (hereafter “LIC”). LIC was set up to ensure that the insurance business previously written by Lloyd’s Underwriters through the Lloyd’s of London (hereafter “the Corporation”) market in the European Union, European Economic Area and associated territories can continue to be written once the UK has left the European Union (Brexit). Authorised by the National Bank of Belgium (NBB) in May 2018, it started writing business from 1 January 2019.

LIC’s corporate strategy is to offer non-life insurance and reinsurance to policyholders throughout the EU and EEA. This will be done leveraging, where possible, existing Lloyd’s underwriting expertise in London or via the network of intermediaries established in the EU.

The company focuses on underwriting risks bound by Lloyd’s managing agents and intermediaries identified and introduced by them. The firm’s underwriting therefore relies on the outsourcing of its underwriting activity to Lloyd’s managing agents, and on delegation of underwriting authority within defined parameters to intermediaries throughout the EEA. In addition, there is delegation of authority to intermediaries outside the EEA (where permitted by local rules and only to intermediaries in Switzerland) where insurances for EEA risks are required.

This SFCR therefore gives an overview of the company as at 31 December 2020 through its:

  • Business and Performance
  • System of Governance
  • Risk Profile
  • Valuation for Solvency Purposes
  • Capital Management