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EMEA Coverholder Webinar

29 June 2021

On the 29 June 2021 the second Lloyd’s EMEA Coverholder Webinar was held. This included updates on the Lloyd’s Europe distribution and delegated authority strategies as well as interesting inputs from a Lloyd’s Coverholder, a Lloyd’s Broker and underwriters on the future business plans for the Lloyd’s Insurance Company.

The agenda was split across different sessions during the morning. The event opened with a welcome by the Lloyd’s Europe CEO, Amélie Breitburd and an update on the Lloyd’s commercial taskforce in Europe and the latest market development initiatives from Mark Cooper, Lloyd’s Insurance Company Chief Market Development Officer and Head of European Branches.

This was followed by a presentation of the new delegate authority strategy by Jack Knapen, Lloyd’s Europe DA Manager, who explained the latest improvements for Coverholders being a time reduction for the application process from 36 to 7 weeks, a more efficient audit procedure, a proactive support to Coverholders in the identification of placing brokers and a stricter relationship with country managers and managing agents to detect new business opportunities.

The event closed with an interesting panel discussion on innovation and Coverholder business at Lloyd’s Europe with four highly-regarded experts:

  • Nigel Roberts, Head of Distribution at AEGIS, offered managing agent insights on the need, for Coverholders, to focus on profitable underwriting and a good product and service proposition for clients.
  • Matteo Barbini, Managing Director of the Lloyd’s Coverholder Wide Group explained how innovation can be of support in meeting the insurance demands of the emerging industries.
  • Gabriel Gross, Director, Parametric Insurance Solutions Division of the Lloyd’s Broker CooperGay/MeteoProtect illustrated the benefits that Lloyd’s Europe provides to its network in pursuing product innovation.
  • Chris Hardcastle, Managing Director, Alesco explained how technology in use is important to improve the risk underwriting process.

If you were unable to attend the event, or would like to watch it back you can find the recording of the webinar hereunder. Also, you can refer back to the slide deck we used during the webinar.

EMEA Coverholder Webinar - video recording