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EEA Advisory Group

This section has been designed to present the Lloyd’s Managing Agent EEA Advisory Group and to update on its activities and progresses.


Purpose and scope of the EEA Advisory Group

The EEA AG has been set up by Lloyd’s, Lloyd’s Europe and the LMA, together with Lloyd’s market participants (managing agents). This groups acts as an open forum to advise and consult on the development of LIC and to share and develop best practice.

The EEA AG also aims to shape LIC marketing communication activities for the benefit of the wider Lloyd’s market and better represent the interests of managing agents in Europe.

We welcome new members to join the EEA-AG to share their opinions, ideas and general feedback on the progress of Lloyd’s Europe. The terms of reference outline the current membership and if you or your managing agent would like to join then please contact either from Lloyd’s Europe or from Lloyd’s.

Read the EEA-AG terms of reference here.


Frequency of Meetings and Minutes

The EEA-AG will meet approx. every six to eight weeks and a meeting chair will be appointed by Lloyd’s / Lloyd’s Europe for each meeting. The chair will agree minutes with all participants. Agreed minutes of each meeting will be distributed amongst participants. A copy will be sent to the LMA.

The EEA-AG has no authority over and shall not seek to influence any individual underwriting decisions or underwriting policy of service companies or underwriting divisions of syndicates.


Compliance with Competition Rules

The EEA-AG adopts the guidelines utilised by the LMA in order to ensure that the activities of the EEA-AG do not breach any applicable competition law. In accepting a place on the AG, a member is agreeing to comply with these guidelines.