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Lloyd’s Nordics Webinar

The insurance impact of COVID-19: Navigating the challenges ahead

Hosted by Erik Borjesson

8 June 2020


The impact of COVID-19 on the global insurance non-life industry will be far in excess of some of the most serious natural disasters such as the hurricanes in 2017 and other historical events such as 9/11. The roadshow of webinars organised by Lloyd’s Europe in different EU countries, explore how the insurance industry has to change and evolve after the COVID-19 crisis and the Lloyd’s initiatives to help businesses and communities build resilience and get back on their feet.

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Sonja Rottiers, CEO Lloyd's Insurance Company

"We became the largest non-life insurance company in Belgium."

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Mark Cooper, Chief Market Development Officer, Head of European Branches, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"We are looking to make crystal clear the value that LIC is offering the market and what you can expect of LIC as an insurance company."

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Caroline Dunn, Head of Underwriting, Lloyd's

"COVID-19 will be the largest loss to insurers to date, in excess of any major recent events, such as the hurricanes in 2017 or 2005."

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Tom Allebone-Webb, Head of Strategy, Lloyd's

"The insurance industry - including Lloyd's - needs to change faster than it is doing to meet customer needs."

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Lloyd's Nordics Webinar

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