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Lloyd’s Iberia Webinar

The insurance impact of COVID-19: Navigating the challenges ahead

Hosted by Jose Núñez

18 September 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the global insurance non-life industry will be far in excess of some of the most serious natural disasters such as the hurricanes in 2017 and other historical events such as 9/11. The roadshow of webinars organised by Lloyd’s Europe in different EU countries, explore how the insurance industry has to change and evolve after the COVID-19 crisis and the Lloyd’s initiatives to help businesses and communities build resilience and get back on their feet.

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Jose Núñez, Country Manager, Lloyd's Iberia

"Lloyd's is continuing to help businesses and help them to recover fast from the COVID-19, providing them with the long-term security and certainty needed to help move forward for the future."

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Mark Cooper, Chief Market Development Officer, Head of European Branches, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"In Spain we have one of the largest branches in Europe. By bringing this network together under one company, one leadership team and one strategy we are helping drive a new identity and culture."

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Alain Caplan, Strategy Manager, Lloyd's

"We need to find solutions to enable our customers and society to cope when events like this occur. Such solutions cannot be developed and implemented by the insurance industry alone"

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Bruce Allen, Head of Change Management, Lloyd's

The Future at Lloyd's is about ensuring that we provide the opportunities to grow our market in the future and make it more cost effective."

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Lloyd's Iberia Webinar

Full Webinar video recording

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