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Lloyd’s Germany Webinar

The insurance impact of COVID-19: Navigating the challenges ahead

Hosted by Jan Blumenthal

15 July 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the global insurance non-life industry will be far in excess of some of the most serious natural disasters such as the hurricanes in 2017 and other historical events such as 9/11. The roadshow of webinars organised by Lloyd’s Europe in different EU countries, explore how the insurance industry has to change and evolve after the COVID-19 crisis and the Lloyd’s initiatives to help businesses and communities build resilience and get back on their feet.

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Jan Blumenthal, Country Manager Lloyd's Germany and Austria

"Faced with COVID-19, it is expected that the insurance sector develops its own models - working closely with policymakers - in order to build resilience"

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Mark Cooper, Chief Market Development Officer, Head of European Branches, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"Germany is our second largest market for Lloyd's Insurance company in Europe, with just under nearly half a billion of Euros of premium written in 2019"

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Louise Smith, Chief Digital Officer, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"There will be two changes in the actual underwriting room - digitally enables spaces and assistance to self-serve - so that we can help the market do more digitally"

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Tom Allebone-Webb, Head of Strategy, Lloyd's

"Like all businesses Lloyd's has had to adapt as a result of COVID-19. In the first instance, our focus has been on paying claims as quickly as possible"

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Lloyd's Germany Webinar

Full Webinar video recording

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