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Lloyd’s Belgium & The Netherlands Webinar

The insurance impact of COVID-19: Navigating the challenges ahead

Hosted by Iwan Ropcke

25 September 2020

The impact of COVID-19 on the global insurance non-life industry will be far in excess of some of the most serious natural disasters such as the hurricanes in 2017 and other historical events such as 9/11. The roadshow of webinars organised by Lloyd’s Europe in different EU countries, explore how the insurance industry has to change and evolve after the COVID-19 crisis and the Lloyd’s initiatives to help businesses and communities build resilience and get back on their feet.

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Iwan Ropcke, Country Manager for Belgium & The Netherlands, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"The Future at Lloyd's has the ambition to create the most advanced insurance marketplace. An illustration was the growing involvement in E-placement which proved its value during the COVID-19 crisis"

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Sonja Rottiers, CEO Lloyd's Insurance Company

"We are a fully compliant insurance market with strong independent governance and regulatory frameworks in place. We are also the largest user of structured data in the Lloyd's market."

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Mark Cooper, Chief Market Development Officer, Head of European Branches, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"In Belgium and the Netherlands we have a very experienced team lead by Iwan Ropcke who oversees one of the largest territories in Europe with over 500 million in gross premium in 2019."

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Delphine Marchessaux, Chief Underwriting Officer, Lloyd's Insurance Company

"We created an economic model that looks at the impact of COVID-19 and the worldwide insurance market result. This is a fast-changing dynamic leading to a lot of movement in demand and supply ."

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Cameron Murray, Head of Government Policy & Affairs, Lloyd's

"Covid-19 had really shown a light on the insurance industry .. because we can all recognize that the industry has taken some positive steps to support the economic recovery"

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Lloyd's Belgium & The Netherlands Webinar

Full Webinar video recording

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