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Lithuania complaints handling

Definition of a complaint

A statement of dissatisfaction addressed to an insurance undertaking by a person relating to the insurance contract or service he/she has been provided with. Complaints handling should be differentiated from claims handling as well as from simple requests for execution of the contract, information or clarification.


Definition of a complainant

A person who is presumed to be eligible to have a complaint considered by an insurance undertaking and has already lodged a complaint e.g. a policyholder, insured person, beneficiary and in some jurisdictions, injured third party.



A prompt acknowledgement of the complaint, in writing, within 5 (five) business days of the complaint being made.

A final response to be provided within 15 (fifteen) business days of receipt of the complaint. In exceptional cases, a final decision will be provided to you within 35 (thirty-five) business days of the complaint being received.


External Dispute Resolution

Bank of Lithuania
Supervision Service
Žirmūnų g. 151
LT-09128 Vilnius

Tel: +370 5 268 0029
Fax: +370 5 268 0038